12-Week Foundational Strength Training Program


This strength training program is based on 3 main movements: pressing, deadlifting, and squatting.

It's designed in 3 phases: 

1. volume (building a foundation and your technique)

2. rep max (building aerobic capacity)

3. weight strength (maximal strength)

What's the point?

To help you get strong in an injury-free, efficient, and organized manner.

Whether you're new to the gym, new to lifting, or a seasoned pro... This program is a fit for you!

This strength training program was designed to be super customizable and with access to video tutorials on each and every movement included in the program, you can make this work for you – no matter what!

Do it at home, in the gym, in your home gym, or out in your yard... Whatever is going to get you motivated to get yourself strong.

Is this program right for you?

Q:  I don’t have equipment and I don’t want to go to a gym, what will I need?

A:  No problem! You can do all of the movements with a variety of dumbbells if that’s what’s easiest to keep at home for you. Kettlebells are another great option that don’t take up a lot of space.  Plus, a lot of the moves can be done just using body weight. There are a lot of creative ways to move through the program with minimal equipment and we demonstrate these options in the tutorial videos you’ll have access to.

Q: I DO belong to a gym.  Can I work through this program using the equipement there?

A:  Absolutely! The program includes options for all sorts of equipment IF you have access to it. If you purchased the log book, it will have a QR code that will make it easy to scan and access the program.

Q: Is this a powerlifting program?

A:  No. This is not exclusive to powerlifters although it WILL increase the power of your strength.

Q: Will this make me “bulky”?

A:  Nope. This isn’t programmed around body building principles. The goal will always be to help you build strength through good technique.

Q:  I’m new to lifting and I don’t know how to perform movements like deadlifts and squats. I feel intimidated, is this still a good fit for me?

YES! The first thing you’ll want to do is read through the program and decide which movements you’d like to use for your first time through. You can help yourself make these decisions by accessing the video tutorials on each move so you have an understanding of what you’ll feel the most comfortable and safe performing.  

Q: What else do I need to think about doing alongside this program?

Considering your nutrition, inflammation, and gut health is always a terrific companion to building strength. BC Strength Training works with a registered dietitian, Kylie Fagnano, through Strata Nutrition if you want to check out some of her offers as well!


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